How To Clean Poly Furniture

One of the best parts of owning poly wood furniture is the fact that it requires zero maintenance, yet will still stand strong after 20 plus years. DuraWeather's all weather poly wood resists cracking, fading, and splitting unlike other poly lumber furniture. With absolutely zero maintenance it is ideal for leaving outside year-round. Even so, it may need a cleaning every now and then, especially if you eat or drink often while enjoying the furniture. 

Cleaning Poly Furniture Is Done With A Few Simple Steps

Our furniture can be left outside and will not blow away. We use 30% more material than leading competitors. It is also resistant to rot and mildew, so if you are facing hurricane force winds, you can secure it in a shed or basement with no worries. Most of our customers choose to leave their furniture outside year around. Being exposed to the elements, there will be times where a light cleaning is necessary.  It will make your furniture look like new and pay off in the long run. Simply mix dish soap and water in a bucket. DuraWeather Poly® is not sealed and the color goes 100% thru the material. You do not have to worry about staining or damaging the material. We have found that a hand towel or a soft bristled brush is best for removing water spots and dirt. 

What About Serious Build Up and Stains?

Our poly wood is stain-repellent. Sometimes spills happen, and wildlife can also leave their mark. There is no reason to worry, as our furniture does not stain. All marks can be removed. However, with DuraWeather Poly® furniture being left outside-year around, many times in outdoor saline environments, dirt and salt may build up and can be difficult to remove with the steps listed above. Although we use the highest grade 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel corrosion resistant hardware, you will want to remove any longstanding build-up. If you find some dirt or a blemish, a good tactic is to mix 1/3 bleach with 2/3 water. Let the mixture sit on the spot for a few minutes, and then use a soft bristled brush to have the furniture looking like new again. For the real tough build-up, our furniture is power washer friendly! Keep the pressure below 1500 PSI and the nozzle at least 12" away from the furniture. It may take an extra step to get the power washer out once every couple of years, but you will be glad you did!


Some of the best things about owning poly wood furniture is that it can be left outside year-round, and with zero maintenance. Our furniture is built to last. With this in mind, you will still want to perform routine cleanings to keep your furniture looking new. DuraWeather Poly® can be cleaned with a few simple and easy steps. Your furniture will look the same in 20 years as the day that you purchased it