How is HDPE Polyethylene or Poly Lumber Produced?

Poly furniture is composed of poly lumber. Poly lumber is composed of waste plastics including HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS, PS and PLA. The plastic material is rendered into powder or pellets, mixed to a dough-like consistency at roughly 400 °F, and then molded to the desired shape. Additives such as colorants, coupling agents, stabilizers, blowing agents, reinforcing agents, foaming agents, and lubricants help tailor our poly furniture. Pre-distribution testing ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

What is Poly Lumber?

So, what is HDPE furniture made of? High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) , also known as poly lumber, is an innovative material made of 100% recycled plastic. DuraWeather Poly® consists of 95% recycled plastic as well as exclusive all-season additives to ensure its longevity in the harshest of climates. Our poly furniture resists cracking, fading, and splitting unlike other poly lumber furniture. With absolutely zero maintenance it is ideal for leaving outside year-round.

What Kind of Hardware is Used?

Poly furniture will only last as long as the hardware used to hold it together. Most people don’t realize that the hardware is the main element in a quality piece of outdoor furniture. At DuraWeather, we use the highest grade of stainless steel available for our poly furniture, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel including 2% molybdenum which is added to help resist corrosion to chlorides (like sea water and de-icing salts).

316 Stainless steel is known for its superior longevity and is commonly used in the Marine industry. Our 316 Stainless Steel is part of the reason we offer such an incredible warranty.