Manufacturer Warranty
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Poly Furniture:
All of our quality products have specific warranties and are listing on all product detail pages. If you have questions regarding the warranty of any of our items please contact our trusted sales representatives. Our exclusive high density polyethylene outdoor furniture products will be free of original defects in workmanship and materials. Normal wear and tear, scratching or chipping of polyethylene, negligence, abuse, staining, fading, chemical misuse, do not pertain to this warranty. The stainless-steel fasteners are covered as part of this warranty against structural failure for up to 5 years. Although our 316 marine grade stainless steel is the highest quality stainless steel in the industry it is not covered against corrosion. In the event that a product or part needs to be replaced and is no longer offered in our catalog; the warranty will be deemed expired. We stand by our quality products and all new items and/or parts needing replacement will be free of charge. Although we offer free shipping during certain times for every purchase, We do not cover the shipping of replacements or return shipping for products that have been used. The products must be shipped back to our facility in their original box with all parts and hardware included. 
Aluminum & Sling Furniture:
Frames and powder coat - If your powder coat aluminum frame or marine grade polymer frame fails structurally during normal usage within the applicable warranty period (as defined below), we will repair or replace the frame without charge, parts and labor included. (In the case of discontinued models or finishes, we will replace the item with the closest comparable current model). All of our quality aluminum furniture includes a 15 year residential warranty and 3 year commercial warranty. Marine Grade Polymer materials used in our products are warranted against rot, cracking, splintering and decay for the length of the applicable warranty period defined above. The powder coat finish on our aluminum frame furniture is warranted against peeling, cracking or blistering for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Failure of the powder coat finish due to abrasion, including  abrasion caused by stacking the furniture against other furniture or scraping against other surfaces, is not covered by this warranty. Exposure to salt water and salt air may cause powder coat finishes to blister due to oxidation of the metal; such blistering and oxidization are not covered in this warranty. Fading, staining, and scratching of the marine grade polymer is not covered by this warranty. The following products are not covered by our frame and powder coat warranties: table tops, umbrellas, umbrella bases, wood furniture, cushions, slings, straps, wicker fibers, and folding aluminum furniture. Wood furniture, cushions, slings, and folding aluminum furniture are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. Fire table burner warranty: The burner and control panel are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from its date of purchase. The natural weathering of wood finishes, breakage of glass, fading, staining and mildewing of fabrics, slings and strapping, the compression of cushion fillings, the stretching of slings, and the rusting of umbrella bases or pedestal bases are not covered under our warranties. Freeze or ice damage is not covered by our warranties. Furniture stored outside or in other cold storage should be drained of any water. If allowed to freeze inside the furniture, water can damage the furniture.
Rope Lanterns:
30 day Limited Warranty 
Umbrellas, Hammocks, Rope Lanterns, and Accessories:
We highly recommend that no Umbrella, Hammock, or Rope lantern, regardless of size or weight, ever be left unattended in the open position. In windy conditions, it is further recommended that umbrellas be closed, removed from their base, and stored, or laid horizontally. Hammocks should be taken off the stand and stored indoors. This will reduce the risk of damage to your furniture and other belongings or property. Rope Lanterns should be taken indoors when not in use and stored indoors. To ensure stability of your umbrella, please observe proper placement, and use sufficient weight (base). Wind Damage is NOT covered under any umbrella, rope lantern, or hammock warranty.
Rust is a natural part of the aging process of all steel or iron based materials and is therefore NOT considered a defect including Rope Lanterns. Bases and stands should be kept clean. Do not let dirt build up on the bases. Cleaning with mild soap and water, and seasonal touch-up of any scratches, chips or occasional rust seepage from crevices or hidden, un-furnishable surfaces inherent in some designs is all that is required. Never leave bases standing in water. To keep your bases looking their best, you may wish to store them when not in use for an extended period of time. Limited Warranty (Umbrella Frames, Hammocks, and Stands): One (1) year includes: Frame, ribs, finial, tilt, cord, crank handle, housing, canopy and rib pocket seams. If a defect in the original material or workmanship appears during the warranty period on any DuraWeather® product; at our option, we will repair or replace the product without charge. Returns must be emailed to Fabric Limited Warranty against fading: 5 Years - Sunbrella®, 3 Years - Solefin®, 1 Year - 280g Polyester.
Limited Warranty Exclusions 
The following items are specifically excluded from the DuraWeather Poly limited warranty. DuraWeather Poly shall not be liable for any failure, defect or damage resulting from the following: 
Rust or corrosion of steel frames, assembly or handling of products after they leave our warehouse, including but limited to  any lack of performance or improper performance in any way by the assembler, normal weathering  – DuraWeather Poly lumber is made with UV-stabilizers to minimize fading; however, upon exposure to the sun, all colors may fade to some degree. To minimize possible fading: utilize cushions where applicable, minimize direct sunlight by storing product when not in use, or use a UV-protectant, color or pattern variance between any new replacement section or pieces and other sections or pieces, abnormal use of products and normal wear and tear, improper use of products with fire components, such as lighting a  Fire pit without using the glass guard, the application of paint, varnish or other coating or chemical not approved by DuraWeather Poly or the application of heat or radiation from an external source, such as a barbecue grill, another appliance, fire or reflection from windows or doors, any lack of compatibility between our products and any other product not manufactured by us that causes damage to or failure of our products, post-delivery labor, transportation or assembly costs, damage caused by, among other things, use of incompatible accessories, intentional acts, unreasonable use, misuse, physical abuse, permanent deformation or destruction by human or animal, vandalism, riot, insurrection or civil disorder, accidents or corrosive atmospheres, such as those contaminated by acid rain, harmful chemicals or vapors, or any act of God, such as fire, flooding, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, lightning, ice, etc., environmental condition, such as air pollution, mold, mildew, etc., staining from foreign substances, such as dirt, grease, oil, etc., or normal weathering (defined as exposure to sunlight, weather and atmosphere which may cause any colored surface to gradually fade, darken, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains), assembly of hardware, accessory items, or defects caused by their assembly.
We reserve the right to discontinue or modify any product line or color without notifying the Purchaser. If the original product is discontinued the limited warranty expires at the time the item is discontinued. Proper maintenance of your product is required to support this warranty. This warranty is voided in the event that there are indications of abuse or neglect to the furniture. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear effects on DuraWeather Poly products, which are received by regular use of the products.
DuraWeather Poly®