Benefits of Having a Patio Umbrella

Do you have an outdoor umbrella? If you don’t, you may not know what you’re missing. 

There are many benefits when adding a Patio Umbrella to your outdoor space. Some of them may surprise you. Patio Umbrellas are often an overlooked part of the home or any outdoor business. Many consumers do no do their research before purchasing an Umbrella, and are subsequently upset when the umbrellas naturally fall apart or fail to have the "WOW" factor. Here are some things to look forward to when purchasing your Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella shelters guests from the heat of the sun, and when the right fabric canopy has been selected, they can also provide great protection from harmful UV rays

How long is it safe to sit outside, unprotected? According to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, five to ten minutes is about all that is safe -

An outdoor umbrella can protect you from the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun. Shade is more effective than sunscreen. Pets can also find shelter in the shade.

Our 280 G Polyester fabric is made with UV protection in mind.

Umbrellas protect your furniture from the elements 

The same UV rays that are harmful to you, can also damage your furniture. Furniture can fade and warp over time. Cushions are also subjected to the harmful rays without the protection of a Patio Umbrella. Any items that you may keep on a table are protected from precipitation and bird droppings. Our Umbrellas have an easily removable canopy that can be thrown right into your washer! Check out our video on how easy it is to remove

Design. Patio Umbrellas are a key part of any outdoor aesthetic. 

It should highlight your patio set. A good Patio Umbrella will stick out - but in a good way that draws in people’s attention and encourages them to stick around for a while. People love looking at attractive things, and a patio umbrella can tie in the aesthetic you’re trying to present. Something like our Water Garden Umbrella can give your outdoor patio an exotic, almost-tropical feel


Choosing the right Patio Umbrella is an important task. Along with a pleasing look, you want your Umbrella to be functional. Selecting one that protects yourself and your furniture from harmful UV rays is of the utmost importance. Adding a Patio Umbrella is an opportunity to add design and your own style to your outdoor space. 

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