Set of 8 - Solar Powered Outdoor Flickering Lanterns - Rechargeable No Wires Or Batteries Needed!

$129 $269

FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX (Ships in 24-48 Hours or less!)

  • WEATHERPROOF & DURABLE: Made of Durable and Waterproof Material, Don't Worry About Rain or Snow! Perfect for Outdoor Use. A Perfect Ambiance of Decoration for your Garden, Pathway, Driveway, and Backyard.
  • SOLAR POWERED & EASY TO USE: No Wires or Batteries Needed! Simply Connect the Stake and Install Them Into The Ground. Includes A Set of 8 Lanterns.
  • HIGH CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Once Charged It Can Last Up To 18 Hours In The Summer and 12 Hours in the Winter! Charging Time is Approximately Under 6 Hours.
  • AUTO ON/OFF SWITCH WITH BUILT IN LIGHT SENSOR: Automatically Turns On at Dusk and Off at Dawn. No Need To Operate an ON/OFF Switch Again And Again Once Installed.
  • GORGEOUS CALMING FLICKERING EFFECT: Offering An Absolutely Charming Ambiance And Our New Version Appearance Will Bring You And Your Family A Different Sense of Beauty.
  • 31" INCHES TALL! Unlike Inferior Products Our Outdoor Solar Powered Lanterns Are Far Taller.

Q: Will DuraWeather Poly Lumber fade, crack, or rust? DuraWeather Poly is 95% premium high density polyethylene with all-season additives that enable our Adirondack chairs and outdoor poly furniture to not fade, crack, peel, or warp. While our poly lumber is virtually indestructible, our 316 stainless steel hardware resists rust and corrosion, making it the ideal maintenance free patio furniture.

Q: How long will it take to receive our order? Our ship dates are listed in large bold font underneath each product title name as well as on each product categories header. It is also found on our weekly newsletter if you are subscribed. 

Q: What does the Grade of Wood mean? Lumber is graded based on the quality and appearance of the wood. These depend on various factors like the type of wood used and the number and types of defects. Our quality Grade A Perhutani Teak is free from: bow, check, crook, cup, knots, shake, split, twist, and wane. 

Q: How will I assemble? Easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included with every purchase. Assembly of our outdoor furniture takes approximately 3-5 minutes for chairs, and only requires a wrench. Assembly of tables, chaise lounges, swings, and more takes approximately 10-15 minutes. To ensure you have absolutely no hassle assembling our furniture we've even included simple assembly videos for certain products.

Q: Will it scratch or show marks easily? DuraWeather Poly lumber is one of the highest strength-to-density materials on the market and withstands scratching from common everyday use of plates, glasses, keys, phones and all other commonly used items. Traditional teak wood is excellent for outdoor use and has an incredible strength to density ratio and is not easily scratched or marked.

Q: How does Poly Resin compare to wood? Unlike traditional wood, DuraWeather Poly is maintenance free. You won't have to go through vigorous efforts to stain, sand, and waterproof our material every year. Not only that! You won't have moldy, rotten, insect infested furniture. Our poly resists these nasty culprits! The only wood we standby for outdoor use is Teak Grade A only as it is best for outdoor protection from nature's harsh elements and insects.

Q: What is the warranty? Our warranty varies per product. Please see our complete warranty information page


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